About Us

MASS Systems, a division of AMETEK Ameron, LLC, was started in 1988 by executives with considerable experience in the design, qualification and manufacture of systems and components for the aerospace and defense industry. MASS Systems is D.O.T. certified and is ISO/AS9100 certified.

MASS Systems holds numerous Part Manufactured Approval's (PMA's) together with various patents applicable to aircraft fire extinguishers. Over several years, MASS Systems has pioneered many of the advances made in the aerospace fire suppression industry. MASS Systems has added oxygen mask components to its manufacturing abilities. MASS Systems also has a state-of-the-art FAA-approved Fire Extinguisher Gas Chromatograph System that offers substantial weight and space savings over other existing units. Among the designs and development includes:

  • Hermetically-sealed aircraft Fire Extinguisher patent
  • Temperature Compensated Pressure Switch patent
  • Aircraft Lavatory Fire Extinguisher patent
  • The use of Nitronic 40 (21-6-9) Stainless Steel in aircraft fire extinguishers
  • The Shock Wave method of rupturing the outlet diaphragm in aircraft fire extinguishers resulting in safer pyrotechnic cartridge designs.
  • The bottle within a bottle concept used with the SAAB 340 cargo compartment fire extinguisher.

MASS Systems is located in a well-equipped facility in Baldwin Park, California. In 2009 MASS Systems became part of AMETEK Ameron, LLC. Most of the MASS Systems PMA's are distributed by Ameron Global Product Support